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Lace and Hearts Border by socksyy Lace and Hearts Border by socksyy
★Her hobbies consist of writing poetry, reading & drawing

★Tennis is her favourite kind of Sport- Skiing she likes, but is afraid of

★Sveti can play some musical instruments, such as: fiddle and a harmonica

★She has suffered from russian and turkish, during ottoman rule, influences. She can speak: bulgarian & russian, and some turkish

★While Sliven argues with her sibling Yambol quite a lot, she gets along fairly OK with her other siblings.

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Svetlana Petkova
Artist | Student | Digital Art

【 Svetlana | 22 | Female | ISFP-T | bisexual 】

"I'm a strong and independet woman but I guess I'm fun to be around too. I'm also probably a really good chef but I don't consider cooking as a hobby of mine, but please, try some of my food out! My hobbies consist of drawing, climbing mountains and writing poetry. It is my guilty pleasure to meet you. We don't have to be friends but I guess I wouldn't mind."

Phrase: "I'm emotional, thoughtful and easygoing. I prefer to watch than engage.
I appriciate things for how they are... I'm not ''shy''."

Lace and Hearts Border by socksyy Lace and Hearts Border by socksyy
Svetlana is the personification of the eighth largest city in Bulgaria, Sliven.

Sliven claims to be a strong city. She has had a hard life, especially during ottoman rule, though that's why she claims to be strong --- Sliven is famous for its Bulgarian Haiduts who fought against the Ottoman Turks in the 19th century and is known as the "City of the 100 Voyvodi", a Voyvoda being a leader of Haiduts.

Another point of interest and a major symbol of the city as featured on the coat of arms, is over thousand-year-old Stariyat Bryast (Старият Бряст, "The Old Elm"), a huge Smooth-leaved Elm in the center of the city. In times of the Ottoman rule Turkish officials used to hang Bulgarian revolutionaries on it.


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